• Ambry Genetics is Founded

    CEO Charles Dunlop, a lab scientist with a vision to help others through the understanding of human genetics, starts Ambry Genetics with no public funding, in a small office above a motorcycle shop. The company is built by scientists, genetic counselors, and physicians. With an ethos grounded in community and ethics, Ambry starts becoming a trusted resource for clinicians.

  • Pioneer in Cystic Fibrosis Gene Sequencing

    Ambry becomes one of the first to offer full sequencing of the cystic fibrosis gene, CFTR, on a commercial basis. This helps diagnose many with the condition, putting Ambry on the map and linking the company with the patient community. Ambry goes on to responsibly be first-to-market for numerous other tests, and this continues today.

  • Inspiration Strikes

    Charles Dunlop and his brother, James, read an article in The New England Journal of Medicine that offers scientific support for ocean water as a natural therapy for those with cystic fibrosis. Both lifelong surfers, Charles and James are inspired to create the Mauli Ola Foundation. This non-for-profit foundation supports those with cystic fibrosis and other inherited conditions by getting them in or near the ocean with professional surfers.

  • Next Generation Sequencing Launches

    Ambry is amongst the first to offer next generation sequencing (NGS) technology with an 81-gene test for X-linked intellectual disability. NGS becomes a solid backbone for many future diagnostic options for Ambry.

  • Ambry Introduces Clinical Exome Sequencing

    Ambry galvanizes its scientific skill, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to be the first to offer whole exome sequencing on a clinical basis. Clinicians respond well and find long-awaited diagnostic answers for their patients on a continual basis.

  • The Mission Continues

    Ambry stays committed to ending data hoarding and securely sharing its data with the scientific community to further understanding. It bravely takes a stand on gene patenting legislation, and also becomes the first to offer BRCA1/2 gene testing after the U.S. Supreme Court rules on this issue.

  • Ambry Genetics Unveils the Plans to Share

    Continuing with its goal to unlock data, Ambry announces AmbryShare. Ambry has collected anonymous exome sequencing data and family health information from over 11,400 people. It now opens registration to the public, to share all data freely with groups that have the promise to increase collective understanding.