• By Ambry Genetics
  • Posted February 21, 2017

Ambry Genetics Launches New Site for Cohort Recruitment

ALISO VIEJO, CALIF., February 21st, 2017—Ambry Genetics (Ambry) has created an online portal to enable more patients and families to participate in research through the AmbryShare program. With this simplified portal, Ambry has streamlined the research consent process to make cohort recruitment easier for clinicians at the time of sample collection for clinical testing.

Patients now have the flexibility to e-consent from home, or a mobile device during their office visits. An individual can also enroll themselves and submit a sample to the program independently, whether or not their clinician orders a clinical test at Ambry.

The new e-consent portal is one more example of the company’s mission to use AmbryShare to remove the red-tape that has been slowing down scientific progress.

The data-sharing program is currently focused on the genomics of autism and prostate cancer, and Ambry is actively seeking research partners for those initiatives.

“We've created a simple way for patients to participate in crowd-sourced research,” said Brigette Tippin Davis, PhD, Ambry’s Director of Emerging Genetic Medicine. “If your family is impacted by disease, we are empowering you to make a real difference. AmbryShare freely enables researchers worldwide to put your de-identified genomic DNA to work to find treatments, keeping your privacy protected at the same time.”

Since March 2016, Ambry has provided researchers with de-identified aggregated data from whole exome sequencing on a large cohort of affected patients with the intention of aiding and accelerating scientific research at no cost to the public. This data will ultimately help clinicians create more tailored treatments through enhanced understanding of human disease.

For more information and to enroll in AmbryShare, visit the AmbryShare portal here.



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