The world would be a better place if all human disease was understood.

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We at Ambry Genetics believe the world would be a better place if all human disease was understood. Many laboratories around the world are generating important genetic data by testing patients, and these are critical to the medical community. But many labs are hoarding this data, halting progress and preventing scientists from fulfilling what the human genome project intended – a promise to give scientists the information they need to understand disease and find cures.

AmbryShare is our commitment to end data hoarding by breaking the mold and restoring the balance. We are sharing one of the largest genome (exome) disease databases, containing aggregated anonymous data from 11,400+ human genome(s). This data is estimated to triple our collective knowledge of genetics and many human diseases.

With your help, we can provide enough public data that there will be no reason for others not to share. If everyone shares, we can learn and understand faster. With this, treatments and cures will come.



Genomes (Exomes) Sequenced


AmbryShare Invites Patients with Autism or Prostate Cancer to Join our Effort

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When we collaborate and share discoveries, a world with greater understanding
of human diseases is closer than you think.

  • Early and responsible adopters of genetic testing, bringing innovation to the market
  • One of the largest databases of research-grade cohort analysis data
  • Leaders in the fight to eliminate gene patents and share the data


How Does Data Help You?

A small number of groups are hoarding human genome data and discoveries. All this does is halt progress in our understanding of human disease. However, we at Ambry Genetics know that sharing this data is the key to unlocking the promise of the human genome. With AmbryShare, we’re changing the status quo by making all our data public.

With access to vital data like this, researchers can better understand relationships between genes and disease.

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